Home Administration

There are many applications for the management of reminders:

This application instead it is between these two categories!

It was created for our personal needs!

Each update will bring new improvements, without losing its main features, ease of use ....

You can choose your language and more…

You can take a backup of your alerts on iCloud and Dropbox.

This application allows you to create your own list of configurable alerts for all your needs.

You can quickly and easily customize the programming of each alert.

The configurations available are:

You can enable / disable the reminder during insertion and editing.

When you trigger an event, you can decide whether to delete it  (ok you have managed) or put in a list that reminds you of your reminders "expired" (count on icon badge) or postpone ("SNOOZE") it for minutes / hours.

From a custom list you can still decide to cancel anytime.

Remember? for iPhone  Remember? HD for iPad

New calendar with the function keys to quickly select
periods / days of the week.

You can set the auto-repeat alarms, automatic SNOOZE.

Once you have set the number of minutes for the SNOOZE, you may decide to repeat for a maximum of 10 times.

If you set the repeat every minute or every hour, you can also choose to set the endless repetition.

In this way, you are not likely to forget the important alarms.